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With the exception of images in the public domain taken from the Hubble Telescope, all content appearing on this website is protected by copyright. It is the property of the listed author or artist and appears here by permission. While users are authorized to view, and encouraged to purchase, any copyrighted materials appearing on the site, the content itself may not be copied, printed, or otherwise distributed without the written permission of the artist, author, or New Alexandria Press, with the following exceptions: Users may download, but not print, copyrighted images for their own personal use, including use as wallpaper or as part of a screensaver on their personal computer; users may use copyrighted images for inclusion in school reports, as long as credit is acknowledged; and users may use copyrighted images on their own personal, and non-commercial websites, provided that the displayed image shows the copyright or website of origin, and the user provides a link back to this website.
Privacy Policy
The New Alexandria Press will not disclose the private or personal information of any user or visitor to this Website to any third parties, except as required by Law.
Shipping and Delivery
The risk of loss and title for any merchandise ordered on this Website will pass to the customer upon receipt from the shipping carrier. Shipping will ordinarily occur within one week of order. Customers will be notified of any anticipated delays in shipping beyond two weeks, and will have the opportunity to cancel the order until the date of shipping, if the anticipated delay is unsatisfactory. International orders delayed due to customs or other international problems are not subject to cancellation due to delay. In the event that a shipping problem makes delivery impracticable, however, the customer will receive a full refund, at the sole discretion of New Alexandria Press.
Return Policy
Retail customers may return any damaged or unsatisfactory merchandise within 30 days of the shipping date, provided that it is in an unused condition, and is returned in the original packaging. The Company will refund the purchase price, but not any shipping and handling charge. In the event that merchandise is returned because of damage incurred during shipping, the customer may elect to exchange the product and receive an undamaged item, rather than a refund; in this case, there will be no additional charge for shipping.
Sales Tax
Unfortunately, New Alexandria Press must charge a 6% sales tax on all retail sales shipped to addresses in the State of Michigan. Charitable or other tax-exempt institutions should include documentation of their tax-exempt status with their order.
Bulk Sales
Discounts are available for those ordering in bulk. Inquiries about bulk order discounts should be directed to our sales department, with the words "Bulk Order" in the subject heading. Written inquires may be made to the Company at the following address:
New Alexandria Press
PO BOX 530516
Livonia, Michigan 48153
Miscellaneous, and Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
VOID WHERE PROHIBITED: In the event that items listed for sale on this Website are restricted or legally unavailable in any particular jurisdiction, New Alexandria Press reserves the right to limit the availability or quantities of its products, at its sole discretion.

GOVERNING LAW: In the event of a legal dispute, both parties agree that the controversy will be governed by the Laws of the State of Michigan, and consent to jurisdiction of the state courts of Michigan, or the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Both parties also expressly waive their rights to a trial by jury.

EXTENT OF AGREEMENT: These "Terms and Conditions" constitute the entire agreement between the Customer and the New Alexandria Press, and supercede any prior or contemporaneous oral, written, or electronic communications. No modification of these Terms and Conditions will be effective unless expressly approved in writing by New Alexandria Press. If any provision listed above is found to be contrary to Law, then any such provision of the Agreement shall be construed in a manner most likely to reflect the actual agreement of the parties to the fullest extent possible, with all other Terms and Conditions remaining in full effect.
Additional Questions
Any unanswered questions about fair use and other technical matters, or requests for permission to use any of the content appearing on this website, should be addressed to your friendly, neighborhood Webmaster.

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