This Month's Articles on Writing and Publishing

It Was Good Enough for Shakespeare! by Steven Barnes
Creative artists have always struggled to remain true to their art, but the material needs of the real world have a way of making themselves felt. Is the conflict between artistic truth and success one that is unresolvable, or is it mostly an invention of our own? Best-selling author Steven Barnes shares his thoughts.

Writing Fantasy---A Creative Approach to World Building by Will Kalifs
Story-telling has always been part of human culture, and anything is possible when fantasy unlocks the human imagination from the constraints of reality. Will Kalif shows us how to breathe life into worlds of our own creation.

Feedback and the Four Stages of Writing: Madman, Architect, Carpenter, Judge by Jeffrey Caminsky
While feedback is critical for any writer, getting feedback too early can be a distraction. But by seeing writing as a four-stage process---Madman, Architect, Carpenter, and Judge---it becomes easier to wait until the right time to see the input of others.

The Mystery of Character by Robert Wilson
Some people love solving puzzles, and when faced with a riddle many of us can't rest until we solve it. For this reason, mysteries have always been a favorite fictional genre, and will probably always remain one. Yet crafting solid, believable characters is as hard in a crime mystery as it is in any kind of story. Award-winning mystery writer Robert Wilson lets us in on some of his secrets.

The Three "Questions" of Science Fiction by Steven Barnes
Alter the conventions of reality, and all things are possible. Today, modern science defines reality for us...but alter the science, and an infinite number of alternate realities will open before us. Science fiction lets us defy the rules of time and space, meet aliens and monsters, and helps us explore different futures before they are upon us...but they cannot change the ingredients needed for a good story. Once again, Steven Barnes shares some of his ideas on how to make alternate futures real in the minds of our readers.

Tips for Writing Successful Articles by Gary Fountain
While many people write for enjoyment, and the Internet has made it easier for us to share our thoughts with others, serious writers are rarely content unless they can find a way to communicate those thoughts to people who will actually read them. Freelance writer Gary Fountain has some ideas on making what we write something others will be eager to read.

How to Achieve Success as a Screewriter, by Brian S. Konradt

Screenwriting Your Way to Hollywood, by Brian S. Konradt
For many people around the world, Hollywood is America. And for many writers brimming with ideas, screenwriting offers the hope of seeing our stories and characters come to life. Brian Konradt offers some tips on screenwriting, as well as some advice on those hoping to project their dreams onto the screen.

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