This Month's Articles on Soccer

The Rules of Soccer by Jeffrey Caminsky

Game Etiquette Toward Officials

Offside: A Primer for Coaches, Players, and Fans

If soccer is such a simple game, then why are there so many misconceptions about the rules, and so many arguments at the field?   Jeff Caminsky has put together a series of essays, explaining some of the rules that apply on and around the soccer field...for fans and referees alike.

Excerpts from The Referee's Survival Guide by Jeffrey Caminsky
Excerpts from Jeff's book on soccer officiating.

The Future of Soccer by Jack Summers
Soccer is truly the "world's game," and in many ways its future has never been brighter. Soccer commentator Jack Summers offers his insights into how the game is evolving.

Practice Makes Pefect by Gregg Hall
As with any worthwhile endeavor, there is not shortcut to excellence on the soccer field. The secret there is the same as it is everywhere else: practice, practice, practice.

Soccer's Roots Run Deep by Jessica Deets
Soccer is an ancient game, tracing its roots back to antiquity. Nearly every culture has had one form or another of a game played with a rolling ball, and modern soccer's origins are as old as the human desire for amusement. Jessica Deets offers some thoughts about the origins of the game.

The History of Soccer by Jack Summers
If it seems as if soccer has always been around...in many ways it has. Jack Summers offers some observations on the history of the game, as well as some thoughts about its future.

A Glossary of Soccer Terms by Jeffrey Caminsky
Every sport has its own unique and distinctive vocabulary. And every sports fan needs to know needs to know it, to be able to discuss the sport intelligently. Jeff Caminsky provides a glossary of common soccer terminology, to help keep the discussions flowing.